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Garden design services, diy landscaping, planting plans, gardening tips, makeovers, layouts & software downloads by garden designers

Free garden designs, 150 ready-made garden plans, 36 planting plans and free software for small gardens or bespoke garden design services for DIY garden makeovers, landscapers or garden designers for your back garden.

Unique garden downloads for instant inspiration, ideas, planting lists, layouts or 3D garden software by Linette Applegate, Designer & Head Gardener. CLICK HERE to start.
Garden design services, diy landscaping, planting plans, gardening tips, makeovers, layouts & software downloads by online garden designers

Latest news - 36 FREE 'ready-made' borders... We've added 36 FREE 'ready-made' borders in 4 design styles (for 3 common sunlight conditions) with plants available to buy online for home delivery - CLICK HERE. We've also added our new DIY garden design 'e-book' - a 25-page guide to creating your own design - CLICK HERE to download for your e-book.

Free garden design, garden design software or bespoke garden design by garden designers;

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Find landscapers or use our DIY landscaping How To guides with your dimensioned landscape plan;

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Planting plans, lists and layouts giving real confidence to gardening beginners with plant care details;

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Gardening tips for beginners, monthly jobs in the garden, pruning, weeding, watering & garden tools;

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Planning a gardening project? Virtual garden design or online garden designs for garden makeovers, landscaping and planting projects from our 3D garden designers software. Try our garden planner software and download NOW..